Frequently Asked Questions

“Share your sexy secrets. Be yourself. 100% Anonymous.” Our free iOS and Android app Taboo lets you post and receive messages and sexy secrets anonymously. We call ourself a “private, anti-social networking app” because we do not save, store or collect any information — including names, emails or phone numbers — about you, in order to protect your anonymity.

Setting Up

  • First things first — create a profile. You need a unique handle, but the app isn’t connected to any of your other social media profiles, unlike others that encourage a login via Facebook or Twitter. Consider creating a username you've never used elsewhere, if you want to maintain complete anonymity.
  • To further protect your privacy, Taboo requires a four-digit pin number every single time you access your history, or “Activity” — i.e., to view or delete your post, post engagements and direct messages.

Creating a Taboo Post

  • To add a post to the real-time “Taboo-verse,” touch the round plus sign at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter your text and select your category. If you’re going for engagement, keep in mind that sexy posts in the form of questions often generate the most replies.
  • As soon as you click the "camera" icon, you can also search for a specific image. If you hit “CHOOSE FROM WEB" the bottom, you can use any image from the internet.
  • If you’ve enabled location services, you location will generate alongside your taboo post, which takes your anonymity down a notch. Tap the pin icon to choose your location. If you don’t want to broadcast your location, tap the pin icon, scroll down to the bottom and hit “off.”
  • Hit “POST” and your Taboo post will go live. You can tap on “NEW” to see your post in the feed. (More on that below.)


  • Tapping on a Taboo post brings up three options: “heart,” comment, share and chat request.
  • Tapping the heart icons awards a heart to the Taboo post. Yes, you can heart your own Taboo post.
  • Users’ comments are public, also in the form of a post. Tapping on any given Taboo post makes it easy to scroll through comments. You can award hearts to replies.
  • Sending a chat request is free. Like Twitter, it connects you with a fellow user for an one-on-one conversation.
  • And if you want to send your Taboo post via email, text or to a social media site, hit “share” in the top right-hand corner.


  • Anonymity doesn’t mean you can post whatever you want. If multiple users report your Taboo post as inappropriate, it’ll be deleted.


  • Like other platforms, you can search for Taboo posts by specific locations or keywords.


  • On the app, you can scroll among three viewing options: Popular, Nearby and New.
  • POPULAR posts are chosen based on the popularity of any given post, awarded via hearts and replies. The most user-engaged posts are sent to the top of the page.
  • NEW list real-time posts, aggregated from all Taboo users.
  • NEARBY lets you view posts from users less than 25 miles away. Use this feature if you only want to read posts from within your vicinity. Tap on a post's pin icon and the app will list all the posts from that specific location.


  • Since we doesn’t store users’ personal data, you can’t search for users, view others’ profiles or see who "hearts" your posts.
  • We automatically collect usage information that does not identify an individual user but allows us to collect information regarding how users access and use Services ('Usage Data'). For example, when you download and use Services, we automatically collect information on the type of device you use and operating system version.

When using our app, please remain mindful about meeting up with fellow users face-to-face, especially on a platform based on anonymity.